2018-08-09: Trance update

Patch Notes v 0.2.6

With this update we started to implement the Rift mode and its core feature the trance system.

When you create a custom game, you can now set it to Rift Mode, which separates the players into 2 teams. You can change teams until the game starts, and then they will be split in 2 different boss fights.

All demo class also has a new ability to start the trance, on the “T” key.

In trance mode you will be teleported to the other fight where you can use 2 skills on the enemy players.

The first one deals damages, while the second one knock them down.

The first team to defeat their boss wins.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the changes: patch note

2018-07-20: Tab-Targeting

Patch Notes v 0.2.5

This new update changes the gameplay a lot. We decided to come back to a tab-targeting system, like the ones in Wow or Swtor, so that we can offer more complex boss fights without overburdening the player.

Basically, the player is always considering a unique target, ally or enemy, that he can change with the Tab and Ctrl keys. The skills used by the player are then casted directly on this target, instead of having to aim.

Some spells require to target specific area, which is now easily done by dragging the cursor on the ground.

Finally, you can experiment with several additional bosses and classes and discover a temporary model for Enki, who will shortly arrive as our first definitive boss, with more surprises to come.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the changes: patch note

2018-06-11: Crowdfunding

We start our crowdfunding and we have 30 days to reach 20 000€.

We need you to share and participate!


2018-03-19: Tester of puppets

Patch Notes v 0.1.5

Main Menu :
  • Menu now displays all the available game modes
  • Custom game mode is accessible
  • Editor is accessible
Game :
  • Console is now opened by "²" key instead of ","
  • Collisions between players, enemies, and environment are way smoother
Custom games :
  • Players can now create and join custom games from the main menu
  • The hots can choose a boss from in official list or the custom bosses from the editor
  • When every player is ready, the game starts automatically
Editor :
  • The editor is funtionnal but undocumented and not user-friendly, since it will undergo heavy rework for the next patch

2018-02-14: Play test

On the beginning of february we made our first successful prototype playtest. The network works and most of the main features also.
Now we are ready to setup databases and integrate steam SDK.
The beside video shows a part of one of the battles.


Explorations are underway, the research team will keep you informed of all discoveries in real time ...